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Come on now…

Craig thinks Obama would make a good 007

“Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them”

Seriously. Can you imagine Obama physically attacking anyone? I can see him saying “Folks, let’s talk about this” and that is it.

This campaign is really becoming a joke. I was tempted to create a new category ‘Obama is *not* 007″ but I do have a day job.


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Powell’s endorsement of Obama is as good as it gets for Dems. This is really what people like to call game changing event, and since Obama was already leading one could say politically this might have been the last drop of water in the bucket.

But I wonder what is really happening here. I mean, you hear Powell’s words and it is all very confusing. When he says that Obama’s economic proposals are better than McCain’s is he saying that he moved ideologically to the left? Or does that mean he thinks Obama is pushing for Republican ideas?

And how about Iraq? Was Powell against the surge? Does he feel betrayed by Bush and wants to pull off no matter what? Again, does that mean Powell has changed or are we inverting the parties here?

He also talked a lot about the Republican’s “shift to the right”. Is he saying Bush’s government was not right wing then? God, he even says that Obama is ‘reaching across the aisle’ (no specifics of course). This is more like the aisle getting up and deciding to move Obama’s way.

In the end, this sounds all like personality politics and plays for power. For whatever reason, some supposedly conservatives are throwing their beliefs out of the window just to see Obama’s ‘transformational figure’ in the White House.

It will be very interesting to see what these people will be saying a few years from now…

The confusion continues. Apparently Powell has not backed down on Iraq, and continues to say that it was the right decision and a worthy endeavor. Now, how in the world a person who believes in that can vote for a candidate who says all the time that Iraq was and *is* the wrong place to be?

It is easy to try and rationalize things and say that, because things look better now, the idea of leaving is not that bad. But what happens if things get worse? Obama will leave anyway (probably even faster – oh the memories of Saigon), and all the blood and treasure spent till now will be lost.

I wonder what Powell would say then.

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They get jokes

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The latest economic proposals from McCain really stink. Things like lowering the tax rate on Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k) plans to the lowest rate and removing taxes on unemployment pay would make almost no difference at all and/or send more wrong signals. However, Obama continues to surpass any challenge and has now come up now with the stupidest proposal ever: remove all penalties for withdraw from IRA or 401(k) retirement accounts.

For a country that saves way too little, to make retirement savings even easier to withdraw is just plain stupid. So much for the smart regulation talk, eh?

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Obama does look like the favorite at this point… However, all this talk about how he won debates is actually good news for McCain. Remember that our friends at CNN told us Kerry won all 3 debates last time?

Polls: Kerry won debate – Bush post-convention lead ‘erased’

Kerry Won 2nd Debate, Polls Confirm

Early poll gives Kerry the edge in final debate

And I am not even starting with the polls… Some as late as Oct 25 showed this:
Poll: ‘Wrong Track’ Sentiment Boosts Kerry – Kerry Gets Help From Voters Who Fear Nation Heading in Wrong Direction

I’d recommend our crisis-loving friends to quiet down and wait. This is not over yet.

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Child abuse


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The former President wants you to know exactly where he stands…

Based on, among others, this one:

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