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It looks like Herman Cain is really into something. You might think the reason to celebrate is his surge in the latest polls but that is not it. Cain can be proud of himself for he is now a target of our unfair and unbalanced media!

Check it out this little nugget that is in the main page for CNN today:

Oooohhh! Amidst all the nonsense of the ‘Wall Street protest’ a little stab at the ugly Republicans! But not any Republican… The one most people have never even heard about! And when you read the article you see this Cain guy is really crazy here! After all, you got to be a radical to say that:

“It is not a person’s fault because they succeeded. It is a person’s fault if they failed. And so this is why I don’t understand these demonstrations and what is it that they’re looking for.”

Now, I have to admit that Cain is not my favorite among all Republican contenders. I think Romney is better qualified (and still think he will be our candidate). However, it is impossible not to enjoy this total discombobulation that Cain is causing to the liberal establishment.

After all, wasn’t the tea party a white movement full of ignorant racists? How in the world can they be favoring a black man over, say, a nice whithey like Rick Santorum (who is by the way much more right wing than Cain)?

And how about Cain’s life story? Can you imagine the horror ivory tower liberals would face if they had to criticize a candidate who was born to a very poor family (his mother was a cleaning woman and his father, who was raised on a farm, was a chauffeur) and grew to be not only a politician but a incredible educated (BA in Math, Masters in Computer Science) and successful man?

Cain is the nightmare match for Obama. Not only the race card would be gone but the comparison between the two is almost unfair. Obama is the boy who was raised by his rich grandmother in Hawaii. He is the spoiled college student who did drugs because he was bored. He is the guy who has never worked for a corporation or created one job in his life. How could he even try to criticize the older, much wiser man who rose out of poverty and has more life experience than Obama’s cabinet?

Cain would trounce Obama.

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War is never funny. Small wars, medium wars, it all ends up with a bunch of people dead and a fresh new stack of debt in your treasury. But… It has been truly hilarious to see Obama and his troupe deal with Libya and Saddam, I mean, Gadhafi.

And what you have here is failure to communicate. Or to be more accurate, an unwillingness to clearly communicate. According to the White House spokesman, Libya is a “a time-limited, scope-limited military action, in concert with our international partners, with the objective of protecting civilian life in Libya from Moammar Gadhafi and his forces.” Seriously dude…

It is obvious to anyone with half of a brain that what we are doing in Libya is an act of war. It is even more obvious that we are doing that because Libya is a strategically important country for the US and Europe (especially to Europe) and finally, that strategic importance includes the fact that there is a bunch of oil in that ground. Not the only reason, but an important one.

But since Obama could not use a weapons of mass destruction line here, he had to use the ‘avoiding a massacre’ line. Both are true by the way: The same way Saddam told us that he had WMDs, Gadhafi did say he would destroy Benghazi. It is also true that both are valid reasons to get us involved in wars. Again, not the only reasons but an important part of the decision process.

The same way that Iraq didn’t become unnecessary after we found out that WMDs were not what we thought, to say that we are in Libya just to ‘save civilians’ is absurd. First of all, we are and will kill civilians too. The rebels are killing pro-Gadhafi civilians. When you throw bombs you are never 100% accurate. We might end up saving more than what we kill, but that cannot be your only reason to go to war because it is simply an impossible goal to begin with.

At the end of the day, the main difference between Bush and Obama here is that Bush was willing to admit what he was doing. He was going to war to remove a dictator we really didn’t like for a variety of reasons. What Obama is doing however, is an incredible dancing around the truth act because one of his campaign issues was that we should not have been involved in Iraq – a war of choice, remember that?

Well Mr.Obama, let me tell you something: Libya is another war of choice. And even though it is a much smaller mess at this point, it could become another Iraq. What happens if Gadhafi refuses to leave? Are we going to just keep giving these Rebels larger and larger weapons? What happens when the fighting becomes an urban guerrilla style battle? Do we just sit back and watch? Will the carnage be that much smaller by then? What if Gadhafi still wins?

Bush might have messed up in the execution of the Iraq war but at least he knew that just bombing people doesn’t do much of anything.

Obama is making this huge and risky bet that Gadhafi will simply give up. Well, Bush 41 made a similar bet in 1991 and his son ended up paying the debt. Let’s just hope that Obama is more lucky. One thing is for sure: He is not being honest about what he is doing.

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The issue at hand here is really simple: Publishing these secret documents is a crime against the US. Whoever ‘leaked’ these should be tried for treason. Wikileaks definitely broke US law (at least aiding and abetting; maybe terrorism?) and should be persecuted as much as possible – not sure how international law works here.


The one positive side of this crime is to show just how diplomacy is a fool’s game. A guy at the radio said that many Middle Eastern governments ‘sounded pretty much like Israel’ when talking about Iran. However, they do nothing. They want the US to do something just to condemn whatever happens later at the UN.

It is Hypocrisy with a capital H.


Obama of couse shares a large share of the blame for what happened today. This is not the first leak and he did nothing after the previous ones. My guess is that he was secretly happy about all the dirty info on Iraq and thought the Wikileaks guys would stop after that.

Now if people die because of what happened (and I bet they will – you just wait and see if we don’t have a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia soon) part of the blood will be in Obama’s hands.

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Via MR

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CNN Poll: Was Bush better president than Obama?

“By 47 to 45 percent, Americans say Obama is a better president than George W. Bush. But that two point margin is down from a 23 point advantage one year ago.”


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Ezra Klein breaks down the latest Gallup data on Obama’s approval:

So what do you see here? Are the problematic outliers the political ones (Conservatives and Republicans) or the racial one (non-hispanic blacks)?

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Obama 6:16

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Every time you get down with the thought that Obama is our President remember: It could be worse. Much worse!

Need proof? Just read Michael “The Clown” Moore latest ‘letter’: The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear

Among all the babbling you will find wonderful examples of empty populism (“You already know the schools are a disaster and the war is a boon for the Halliburtons and a bust for you. You don’t need a newspaper to tell you the roads and electrical lines and the local sewage plant is in miserable disrepair.”) and even anti-democracy speech (“And by now you’ve figured out that you don’t really have any say in this, that what we call the “democratic process” is mostly a sham, pretty words that get repeated in the hopes we will all still fall for it“).

But the end of the thing is what impressed me the most. Crying Clown says that he has bought an IPhone App called “Scanner” that allows him to listen in on police scanners anywhere across the country. He says he cries himself to sleep while listening to calls from Flint, Michigan.

Are you kidding me? Does he do that from his million-dollar apartment in Manhattan or from his million-dollar beachfront house in Michigan? Does he do that while tapping his multi-million ‘documentaries’? Where is the Michael Moore Foundation that gives out all his money to help this poor people in Flint? You can go on and on with all his hypocrisy.

But hey, who cares right? The important thing is that he is “there for the people”. He’s even got an Oscar! It would be completely possible to have this idiot running for office and winning. I think the only reason he doesn’t do that is because of the pay…

So don’t forget: Things could be worse. Much worse!

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I watched the whole health care debate yesterday, and it was quite enlightening. And mostly concerning.

Republicans put up a decent show, trying to bring attention to all flaws and corruption around the current bill. Obama on the other hand, also did a good job to at least appear interested in some sort of back and forth. However, the one point Obama (and other democrats) were specially successful yesterday was to challenge Republicans to clearly state the ideological difference between their proposals. And Republicans failed to do so.

You see, trying to focus on cost or procedure here is what democrats want. They want to establish that, all things considered, health care is a right. That one point would justify their agenda, no matter what form it takes. At one point, a Democrat (can’t remember who) said something like “our goal here is to make sure that health care is provided equally. Sick people should not be forced to pay more than healthy people for care”.

That my friends is the crux of the matter. Not access, not price – but equality. Once you establish that a resource (in this case, health care) is not affected by market forces (which determine that sick people *should* pay more than health people, just like reckless drivers pay more for car insure than safe drivers) the battle is over. Health care becomes a non commercial good. That ultimately means the end of private health care.

Why Republicans shied away from this challenge? I think there are a few reasons at play here. First, the current system does allow insurance companies to abuse their power. Cancelling existing policies or adding loopholes on complicated contract language compromised the treatment of sick people who were responsible and were following the rules. So it becomes easier to convince the public that since insurance companies are not following the rules we should simply screw them back, instead of trying to fix the loopholes. Second, the Republican support for Medicaid/Medicare and especially the expansion done under Bush to cover prescription drugs (Medicare Part D) broke the public’s perception that government should not be handing out ‘free’ medical services to people. It became simply a matter of who should receive what, and that is exactly what Democrats want. So now that they simply want to change the variables at play, any kind of ideological rebuttal is almost impossible.

So my take on this whole thing is: Overall, the battle is lost. Republicans are still a positive force here (remember that one year ago we were discussing the public option, which now is dead) but some sort of reform will go through. Eventually, this reform will lead to higher taxes and the decline in quality of the medical system. It will most probably be a smaller change than initially feared, but a big one nonetheless.

Elections do have consequences.

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Canadian Premier Danny Williams is set to undergo heart surgery this week – in the United States
Hmmm… Weird! I thought we were trying to copy Canada’s health care.

According to the Washington Post, some Haitians want U.S to ‘take over’. Take over the money giving, that is. For those bastards religious freaks who are trying to adopt poor children, oh those need to rot in jail. Maybe Haitians are afraid of running out of slaves.

Talking about Haiti, Voodoo high priest claims aid monopolised by Christians
Let me see… yeah, no comments.

Moving to good news, this is an interesting article on the revolution brought by McDonalds in Russia. Was that only possible because we won the cold war or did we only win the cold war because of businesses like McDonalds?

Back here in good ol’ America, here is King Obama’s prediction on how unemployment will decrease. It looks like they plotted an average between fast recovery rates and the slower ones. Somehow I doubt they got this right. Talking about the recession, this is Samuelson’s take on what happened and why. Sounds more realistic than all the ‘blame Bush’ usual articles.

Finally, this is an interesting NPR program on the question: Why Does Time Fly By As You Get Older?

That’s it folks. I had some other links here but time flew by, I got to go!

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1 – No, economic growth is not ‘here to stay’. It will go up, down, up and then down. Welcome to capitalism.
2 – Of course the growth was ‘faster-than-expected’. Nobody in the media really thinks we could get out of this slump anyway.
3 – Yes, winter weather batters the heartland. Just like summer will scorch it, and global warming will kill us.
4 – Funny thing that Obama is waiting so long to trial the 9/11 guys. I thought that, along with Guantanamo, was all Bush’s fault. By the way, did you notice how POTUS didn’t mention Guantanamo at all at the SOTU address? Maybe because he will take 3 years instead of 1 to close it? Or maybe because he will still be holding a bunch of terrorists indefinitely?
5 – Do we really need to keep talking about Saddam? He is dead. The war was won. Next.
6 – Bin Laden blames U.S. for climate change. You can’t accuse him of not being up to date on things. I think they should have invited him to Copenhagen, he must be very hurt about it.

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Congress Went to Denmark, You Got the Bill
“For 15 Democratic and 6 Republican Congressmen, food and rooms for two nights cost $4,406 tax dollars each. That’s $2,200 a day – more than most Americans spend on their monthly mortgage payment.”

Even Jon Stewart Mocks Obama For Using Teleprompter In Sixth Grade Classroom

Oh happy days – 25 reasons the British should be happy

Game over: Wisconsin inmate can’t play Dungeons & Dragons

Chris Anderson: “In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits”

Visual library of all time popular game consoles

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Great news: Noted deficit hawk to announce three-year freeze in discretionary spending

Hehehehe, the Brown effect continues to shake things up. Next thing you know, Obama will start talking to Republicans again!

Oh wait.

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Sorry, I know the issue is serious and everything but watching Golden Boy jump off Obama’s bandwagon in his pompous and conceited way is really priceless:

“But I have to say, I’m pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama, who seems determined to confirm every doubt I and others ever had about whether he was ready to fight for what his supporters believed in.”

That is why I’ve always said that there are many, many worse things than Obama.

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Hmmm, it looks like Real Change is coming soon. Maybe tonight?

It’s Not Just About Coakley, Stupid

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I am not a big Cafferty fan but he nailed this one:

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Conservatives Finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group

Democratic Support Dips Below Majority Level in 2009

Press corps grills Gibbs: Um, didn’t Obama totally shamelessly lie about C-SPAN?

Father Knows Best

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U.S. loan program may have made things worse

‘Money’ shot:
Since President Obama announced the program in February, it has lowered mortgage payments on a trial basis for hundreds of thousands of people but has largely failed to provide permanent relief. Critics increasingly argue that the program, Making Home Affordable, has raised false hopes among people who simply cannot afford their homes.

As a result, desperate homeowners have sent payments to banks in often-futile efforts to keep their homes, which some see as wasting dollars they could have saved in preparation for moving to cheaper rental residences. Some borrowers have seen their credit tarnished while falsely assuming that loan modifications involved no negative reports to credit agencies.”

Ah, liberals. Always in the business of trying to trick you out of reality.

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FBI Reports Huge Decrease In Murders As Firearm, Ammunition And “Large” Magazine Sales Soar
“Last week, the FBI issued its preliminary 2009 crime report, showing that the number of murders in the first half of 2009 decreased 10 percent compared to the first half of 2008. If the trend holds for the remainder of 2009, it will be the single greatest one-year decrease in the number of murders since at least 1960, the earliest year for which national data are available through the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Also, the per capita murder rate for 2009 will be 51 percent lower than the all-time high recorded in 1991, and it will be the lowest rate since 1963—a 46-year low. Final figures for 2009 will be released by the FBI next year.”

No U.S. combat-related deaths in Iraq in December
“December was the first month since the beginning of the Iraq war in which there were no U.S. combat deaths, the U.S. military reported.”

Ah, and check out Brooks’ latest column: “The God That Fails”. I find myself agreeing with Brooks a lot these days. He is the kind of conservative who has not gone crazy with the anti-Obama wave, while keeping the whole ‘mommy government’ ideology from the Obama crowd in check. Great stuff.

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Ah, how much can change in one year.

Remember how Obama was all about change? How we were going to improve regulation, curb CEO abuse, stop with the unlimited power by the executive and most of all, increase transparency so the government is not corrupted by self-interest?

Well, well. I wonder how the President could explain (once he comes back from his second vacation in Hawaii) this new announcement by the Treasury Department that the government can now exceed the current $400 billion cap on emergency aid to Fannie and Freddie without seeking permission from Congress. Oh wait, this is not all. The announcement came on Christmas Eve, and right after Fannie and Freddie announced approval from their company’s federal regulator to pay $42 million in Wall Street-style compensation packages to 12 top executives for 2009.

I know I predicted Obama would become more and more like Bush as time passes but I was thinking more about the good aspects of Republicans… Next thing you know this guy will start saying nukelar.

One last thing: in his interview with 60 minutes a few weeks ago, Obama said that Wall Street ‘just doesn’t get it‘ when the subject is reform. Well Mr. President, I think they do get it. They get it really well.

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